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author, journalist, essayist

Thaddeus Howze is a writer of speculative fiction, scientific, technological and cultural commentary from his home office in Hayward, California.

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Why doesn't Captain America 'change' when picking up Thor’s hammer? - Quora

Captain America does not appear to change because you have taken that picture completely out of context.

With the appropriate images, we can make sense of this:

Captain America does indeed “change” during that sequence, at least for a second, gaining the power of Thor. The change is an internal one, only long enough to accomplish a particular task: Returning Mjolnir to Thor’s hand.

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Thaddeus Howze's answer to Has any Green Lantern ever used his ring with notable efficiency? - Quora

Given the description of the Oan Power Ring as a device of incredible power, we are often surprised to see how poorly used this technology is by the average ring-slinger.

Are there any instances where we see Green Lanterns using their rings effectively, making the device live up to the description as "the most powerful weapon in the Universe?"

#DCComics #analysis

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If an immortal man fought in nearly every conflict in human history ...

If an immortal man fought in nearly every conflict in human history until today, would the centuries of experience make him the ultimate soldier?

#thought-experiment #society

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Who has the hardest punch? Superman, Hulk or Flash? - Quora

The might of the incredible Hulk, the power of the Man of Tomorrow or the infinite mass punch of the Fastest Man Alive: Who has the hardest punch out of the three of them?

#thought-experiment #DC #Marvel

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What can a young, black man do to be more accepted in American ...


Here is the face and family of one of the most highly respected Humans to ever hold the office of the Presidency of the United States. Barack Hussein Obama is certainly one of the most well-spoken, highly-educated, family-oriented, culturally-aware men to ever hold the office, bar none.

#society #race-relations

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Could Superman terraform Mars? - Quora

Could a being with Superman’s capabilities terraform Mars, converting it from a dust-covered, lifeless planetary body into a verdant green world capable of sustaining Human lives, preferably without living under domes?

#science #education #thought-experiment

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What's the closest thing to Wonder Woman in the Marvel Universe ...

No single Marvel heroine has the longevity, historical cachet, and power that Wonder Woman does. The character turned 75 recently and it is a tall order to be a character created in the Golden Age of Comics and still be an icon known the world over 75 years later. She is truly a wonder of the comic world.

#DCComics #Analysis #WonderWoman

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What if the Avengers actually existed? - Quora

What if the Avengers actually existed in our world?

Mjolnir in an elevator article

Why was Vision able to lift Thor's hammer in Avengers Age of Ultron?

Why was Vision able to lift Thor's hammer in Avengers: Age of Ultron?

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Thaddeus Howze

Author | Futurist | Technologist | Top Writer, 2016....


Just call him Answerman: Thaddeus Howze is super in more ways than one

Even his name could well have come out of a superhero movie. The magnificently titled Thaddeus Howze has been recreating scenes of hypothetical comic hero battles right here in the Quora universe, but the popcorn-munching audience appears not to have settled in. Yet. Well, you’d better strap in......


Why did DC and Marvel change the ethnicity of their characters?

Answer (1 of 9): To Reflect the Real World Soho, New York City - 2015 - Just remember this picture, we'll get back to it in a moment or two. I normally stay out of this particular conversation because it makes people uncomfortable. Mostly me. But today I am going...

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Who is the most powerful Marvel superhero?

Answer (1 of 45): In Order of Awesome and Sheer Power Level Cosmic beings capable of creating or manipulating entire universes, who desire worship and are almost immune to attack, litter the Marvel Universe. These beings in order of power (as defined by Marvel): 1. One-Above-All The most power......

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Should we fear death?

Answer (1 of 48): Dead Already My doctor told me I had cancer. And it was inoperable. I didn’t hear anything else he said for about five minutes. When I could hear again. He said the best I could do was to make the next six months as rich as...

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Who would win in a fight between Superman and the Flash?

Answer (1 of 22): It would be over in a blur of motion. ​Disclaimer: Superhero battles within the same universes between different characters is generally a waste of time because the winner of said battle depends entirely on the plot. If one hero is needed to defeat the other, the...