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Thaddeus Howze is a writer of speculative fiction, scientific, technological and cultural commentary from his home office in Hayward, California.

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Why doesn't Captain America 'change' when picking up Thor’s hammer? - Quora

Captain America does not appear to change because you have taken that picture completely out of context.

With the appropriate images, we can make sense of this:

Captain America does indeed “change” during that sequence, at least for a second, gaining the power of Thor. The change is an internal one, only long enough to accomplish a particular task: Returning Mjolnir to Thor’s hand.

Screenhunter 3353 jan. 10 13.56 article

"Hidden Figures" Reveals Disenfranchisement of Great Minds » Krypton Radio

"Hidden Figures" Reveals Disenfranchisement of Grea...

Character task og knight a chang article

| fiction: o.g. knight: between the sacred and the profane, chapter one | the operative network: a creative studio |

Malachi Gaultis: A reasonably successful mid-level fixer in the wretched city of Miami, Florida.

Watching the city going downhill for two decades, particularly after the advent of both superheroes and super-criminals Gaultis decided it was time to leave the major criminal activity to younger and more intrepid souls.

He found a woman who can forgive him his previous life, he settled into work he's good at and for all intents and purposes appears to be a moderately successful businessman running an auto repair and customizing shop.

Yes, its doubled as a front for his clandestine information brokering -- after all, who ever truly leaves the life, but he tried to choose his customers more carefully than ever.

Until a new crime boss convinces him to return to his former line of work using words like: "Nice family you have here. Be a shame if anything were to happen to it." What happens next is beyond anyone's expectations.

Nothing surprises like a family history no one ever told you about...

Luke Cage is the black hero we've been waiting for - Polygon

And his show is destroying expectations.

I started reading comics in 1972, the year Luke Cage, Hero for Hire came into existence. I am a black man who's watched media all my life waiting for a black hero who could represent me. Was it asking too much to have a hero I didn't have to be ashamed of because he didn't speak the Queen's English; a hero unburdened with negative stereotypes?

According to the roles presented to black actors over ten decades, the answer is unfortunately, yes.

#freelance #Polygon #comics #LukeCage

Supermansrealpower article

Has DC Comics Ever Explained Superman's Powers in Any Way? » Krypton Radio

Superman’s powers are almost never completely explained in the DC Universe.
The last time anyone made an effort to explain his powers scientifically was during the Golden Age of Comics. Why nothing since then?

#freelance #KryptonRadio #comics #Superman

1 rkcpum0afuaywa4bfncmsq article

Is all this anger about the actress, Zendaya portraying Mary Jane in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming… – Medium

Is this question a precursor to whining diatribes about race-bending and gender bending of comic characters in the Marvel and DC Universes by white fanboys who hate seeing anyone besides white characters on the screen? You betcha.

#comics #popculture #racism

6771 article

Humans Need Not Apply – Basic income – Medium

In this, the year of our Lord, 2015, we are poised upon a dilemma most of us are still in denial about or perhaps don’t even know is happening. Automation is catching up to us. The ability to automate and use robots, algorithms and other technologies to replicate or replace human labor entirely is growing at a staggering rate.

Automation, robots and algorithmic intelligence are poised to liberate millions from their terrible jobs. However, it doesn’t address what people need to do, when they’re not employable any longer.

#technology #automation #basic income #business

O5xrd article

Is there an internally consistent reason for mutants being portrayed as primarily American or European descended?

Marvel has not officially stated why mutant populations APPEARED to be greater in the European and Western world than they do in the rest of the planetary populations.

The answer could be as simple as the writers, being Western focused on Western culture and wrote about mutants in those cultures first. Later writers becoming more aware of their cultural bias, expanded the range of mutants so they appear in most civilizations in varying densities.

But if you want an in-universe reason, I've got one of those as well. Sit back, it will knock you out of your socks!

#comics #speculation #Marvel #mutants

Screenhunter 2647 sep. 12 17.44 article

Why 'Prep Time' shouldn't be all there is to Batman - Quora

The question is regularly asked: Does Batman have a plan for every contingency? Most fans will immediately and without hesitation answer: Yes, he does. He's Batman.

But does that enhance or cheapen the character? Let's look deeper, shall we?

#Batman #DCComics #analysis #PopCulture

Screenhunter 2638 sep. 12 11.13 article

Cloak & Dagger: How do I loathe thee, let me count the ways – Panel & Frame – Medium

For these two characters, their appearance in the eighties was part of an explosion of new characters. Marvel seemed poised to try and find new ways of promoting superheroes and themes around drugs, teen homelessness, and the issues of teen interactions seemed ready for exploitation.

And for a while Cloak & Dagger could do no wrong.

#comics #analysis #Marvel

Starship enterprise article

Star Trek challenged the dystopian future – Medium

Happy Anniversary!

50 years ago a “wagon train to the stars” began a mission to explore the Human condition in a post-scarcity universe.

Star Trek, now called the Original Series, would exist for a brief moment, as the best and the worst of all things science fiction. What we could be, what we could create, what we could envision, in direct conflict with greed, profit and personal aggrandizement.

#startrek50 #popculture #sciencefiction

Main qimg 8d1fd326fdb3b547a3b9ef82c310f19f c article

Thaddeus Howze's answer to Has any Green Lantern ever used his ring with notable efficiency? - Quora

Given the description of the Oan Power Ring as a device of incredible power, we are often surprised to see how poorly used this technology is by the average ring-slinger.

Are there any instances where we see Green Lanterns using their rings effectively, making the device live up to the description as "the most powerful weapon in the Universe?"

#DCComics #analysis

Screenhunter 2472 aug. 06 19.45 article

Alton Sterling & the New American Snuff Film — Medium

A discussion of modern media profiting from the films of police murdering people of color.

#media #racism #policebrutality

Apollo article

Homage to a Man of Steel — Medium

How many different heroes are comparable to Superman (or even stronger) with a similar power set?

#comics #Superman #historical

Visonary article

Stop Calling It Genius

In an article today, Netflix and its leadership are being heralded as geniuses for their recent foray into exclusive programming. This is media which has not existed anywhere else or in very different media (such as comics) before being filmed and made ready for consumption by Netflix. Despite the acclaim, this is not genius. It should be considered business as usual.

#business #media