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Thaddeus Howze

author, journalist, essayist

Thaddeus Howze is a writer of speculative fiction, scientific, technological and cultural commentary from his home office in Hayward, California.

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Stop Calling It Genius

In an article today, Netflix and its leadership are being heralded as geniuses for their recent foray into exclusive programming. This is media which has not existed anywhere else or in very different media (such as comics) before being filmed and made ready for consumption by Netflix. Despite the acclaim, this is not genius. It should be considered business as usual.

#business #media

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A Degree is Not a Paycheck

It is one worth discussing in a nation where getting a degree can cost you as much as a house and be as expensive to pay off, especially if, when you get out of school, finding work capable of paying down the principle is grows ever more elusive.

#education #employment

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Facebook: Shooting You in the Face, Again.

Facebook has decided that it will be splitting its one app into two, forcing users to use the Messenger app if they want to communicate on the Facebook service.

#technology #socialmedia

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Thaddeus Howze | LinkedIn

View Thaddeus Howze’s professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Thaddeus Howze discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners....

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A Degree is Not a Paycheck

A degree does not equal a job in an unequal society   In the Blacks in Technology (BIT) forum discussion the question of whether a degree mattered more than certifications and experience raised its...

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Logo Design Overview: Hath No Fury Comics

FEMINIST COMIC BOOK COMPANY NEEDS FEEDBACK ON THEIR LOGO! We're at the second phase of our logo design for the Hath No Fury Comic Book Company. Please give us some Feedback! Variations of the Hath No...

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Hobby Lobby Ruling Causes Pastafarians to Rejoice!

Allowing close-held organizations to impose their religious beliefs on their workers has helped Pasta Extraordinaire's workers to thrive. Before the Hobby Lobby ruling, Pastafarians, who are...

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Change Yourself, Then Save the World

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” ~~ Tolstoy It's unavoidable. It is your destiny... Emperor Palpatine's words to Luke Skywalker resonate with everyone...

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Why is it so hard to be funny in science fiction?

Are the genres of science-fiction and fantasy incompatible with parody, satire and humor in general? My short answer is no, they are not incompatible. However, given the number of speculative fiction...