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Thaddeus Howze is a writer of speculative fiction, scientific, technological and cultural commentary from his home office in Hayward, California.

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Is there an internally consistent reason for mutants being portrayed as primarily American or European descended?

Marvel has not officially stated why mutant populations APPEARED to be greater in the European and Western world than they do in the rest of the planetary populations.

The answer could be as simple as the writers, being Western focused on Western culture and wrote about mutants in those cultures first. Later writers becoming more aware of their cultural bias, expanded the range of mutants so they appear in most civilizations in varying densities.

But if you want an in-universe reason, I've got one of those as well. Sit back, it will knock you out of your socks!

#comics #speculation #Marvel #mutants

1798954 thor comic book image 01 article

Is Thor the only Avenger that can't die? - Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange

The Avengers have a diverse roster of characters with amazing abilities. Is Thor the only Avenger who appears to be immortal?

#Marvel #comics #Thor

Who are the architects of the buildings on which these buildings were based?

The short story "The Woman Who Fell in Love with a Postmodern Building and Set Her Lovers’ Boat on Fire" by Thaddeus Howze features three buildings: (...) an old world church in New York, (.......

Did Barry Allen reboot the DC continuity in 2011 creating the DC Universe known as "the New 52?"

This is a very basic question; yet, I don't know much about comics and I want to know: how did Flash (Barry Allen) create a whole new universe?...

Why, exactly, does kryptonite hurt Superman?

To my understanding, kryptonite is a rock that is from the planet Krypton. Superman is also from planet Krypton. Yet somehow kryptonite weakens Superman and can even kill him. How does this work? ......

Why did the Watermelon Stevens continue to exist?

An early episode of Steven Universe, "Watermelon Steven" (S1:E34), revealed a new power of Steven's: to create living, semi-intelligent, autonomous creatures from watermelon seeds (plants). These...

Why did these bullets hurt Wonder Woman?

I was reading this Is new-52 Wonder Woman bullet proof? The question was: Are there any instances of regular bullets piercing Wonder Woman's skin in specifically the New 52 (post-Flashpoint)...

Why does the Red Hulk stay as the Red Hulk?

I get that the Red Hulk has different powers to the green variety of hulk, but until recently in AvX I thought that the Red Hulk was stuck in his red form, but then he transforms back So I'm wonde......

Why does Chewbacca’s bowcaster fire red projectiles?

Chewbacca’s bowcaster is firing red projectiles in Episode VII. As far as I can remember from movies, shows and games bowcasters only fire green projectiles. A Wookiee firing a green projectile fr......

How is Thor's hammer imprinted?

In the Age of Ultron, several Avengers try to lift Thor's hammer, but are not able to lift it. Tony Stark suggested it was imprinted with Thor's fingerprints. However, the Vision is able to lift ......

Could the Muramasa Blade cut through Adamantium? What can't it cut through?

In a comment on my answer to How to kill Wolverine?, Thaddeus Howze commented: The blade's molecular properties will have no effect on his adamantium bones. I was under the impression that the...

Was the Technodrome actually based on the Death Star?

At the time of posting, the Wikipedia entry on the Technodrome from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise claims that the giant spherical vehicle was "based on" the Death Star from Star Wars....

Magneto's helmet is made up of what material?

In the X-Men series, there is a helmet which can block a telepath's ability to read somebody's mind. That helmet is made up of what material?...

Why couldn't Doom instantly kill the Fantastic Four?

In the 2015 "film" Fantastic Four, Doom has the ability to instantly kill people. However, when he faces the Four, he doesn't use this ability on them. While their powers might protect them, this is...