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author, journalist, essayist

Thaddeus Howze is a writer of speculative fiction, scientific, technological and cultural commentary from his home office in Hayward, California.

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Is all this anger about the actress, Zendaya portraying Mary Jane in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming… – Medium

Is this question a precursor to whining diatribes about race-bending and gender bending of comic characters in the Marvel and DC Universes by white fanboys who hate seeing anyone besides white characters on the screen? You betcha.

#comics #popculture #racism

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Humans Need Not Apply – Basic income – Medium

In this, the year of our Lord, 2015, we are poised upon a dilemma most of us are still in denial about or perhaps don’t even know is happening. Automation is catching up to us. The ability to automate and use robots, algorithms and other technologies to replicate or replace human labor entirely is growing at a staggering rate.

Automation, robots and algorithmic intelligence are poised to liberate millions from their terrible jobs. However, it doesn’t address what people need to do, when they’re not employable any longer.

#technology #automation #basic income #business

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Cloak & Dagger: How do I loathe thee, let me count the ways – Panel & Frame – Medium

For these two characters, their appearance in the eighties was part of an explosion of new characters. Marvel seemed poised to try and find new ways of promoting superheroes and themes around drugs, teen homelessness, and the issues of teen interactions seemed ready for exploitation.

And for a while Cloak & Dagger could do no wrong.

#comics #analysis #Marvel

Starship enterprise article

Star Trek challenged the dystopian future – Medium

Happy Anniversary!

50 years ago a “wagon train to the stars” began a mission to explore the Human condition in a post-scarcity universe.

Star Trek, now called the Original Series, would exist for a brief moment, as the best and the worst of all things science fiction. What we could be, what we could create, what we could envision, in direct conflict with greed, profit and personal aggrandizement.

#startrek50 #popculture #sciencefiction

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Alton Sterling & the New American Snuff Film — Medium

A discussion of modern media profiting from the films of police murdering people of color.

#media #racism #policebrutality

Apollo article

Homage to a Man of Steel — Medium

How many different heroes are comparable to Superman (or even stronger) with a similar power set?

#comics #Superman #historical

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Who is Dr. Strange? — Medium

Doctor Stephen Strange was once a famed physician who surgical skills led to considerable fame and prestige. However, his ego matched his surgical skills and he was considered haughty and unbearable in polite company. As such is fate, Strange has a terrible automobile accident losing his fine motor control which costs him his surgical career.

#character #analysis #Marvel

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Why is the Flash much slower in his TV series than in the comics? — Panel & Frame — Medium

The Short Answer:

Because on television, he doesn’t need to run at the speed of light for the television series to exist and tell compelling stories. He is only as fast as he needs to be. Right now, that is twice the speed of sound and it is perfect for storytelling with an ensemble cast.

#television #DCcomics #analysis

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What’s the difference: DC vs. Marvel Comics? — Medium

The discussion of the difference between the philosophy of DC’s comic creations and Marvel’s isn’t nearly as wide as it once was. The main difference was in the early approaches to the characters and their perspectives. Unfortunately, both mythologies have become a bit tarnished and it is more about a profit motive than maintaining their previous ideologies.

#comics #commentary #analysis

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Can Magneto crush Captain America’s shield? — Panel & Frame — Medium

Answer-Man’s Archive: The Many Shields of Captain America

Captain America has had a number of metallic shields over the decades each having vastly different properties some which could be affected in some degree by Magneto’s electromagnetic powers.

#Marvel #analysis

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Unreview: The Secret Life of Pets — 5 stars — Panel & Frame — Medium

For their fifth fully-animated feature-film collaboration, Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures present The Secret Life of Pets, a comedy about the lives our pets lead after we leave for work or school each day.

#review #media #movies

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There’s a new super-genius on Marvel’s Earth — Panel & Frame — Medium

Lunella Lafayette, star of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, will be considered as Marvel’s smartest super-genius. She will be officially considered in Marvel canon as more intellectually capable than than all of the super-geniuses that have existed before her in the Marvel Universe.

#comics #analysis #intelligence

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Sum It Up: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur — Medium

A series review of the Glyph award-winning comic starring Lunella Lafayette and Devil Dinosaur.

#comics #review #Marvel

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Sesame Street Has A New Address — Medium

Sesame Street is on the ropes. After 46 years of public support, the program is going private and will end up on HBO. Even public television is experiencing the effects of gentrification: too much money in too few hands and those hands aren’t all that interested in helping to educate the public.

#media #analysis

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“Say ‘reverse racism’ one more motherfucking time. I dare you…” — Listen To My Story — Medium

Look at it. Don’t look away! No one there seems even remotely upset. This was business as usual. So much so, it was documented without fear of there ever being a time where this wasn’t acceptable. How bold! How fearlessly they engaged in this barbarism.

#society #racism #editorial